Root Dipping improves establishmen of bare root transplants on dry and harsh sites.
Surface mine reclamation by planting trees and shrubs is a common practice. However, minesoils frequently posses chemical or physical limitations which adversely affect water relations. On such sites, moisture retention is low and root desiccation can be a major problem for newly planted seedlings. As a bare-root transplant dip, Aqua Matrix draws and retains water in close proximity to the roots. Gel particles cover the roots supplying enough moisture to prevent dehydration of the exposed roots. Plant survival and growth are improved due to the faster development of fine root hairs after planting. Root dipping is an inexpensive but effective operation for bareroot planting on harsh and dry sites. Using Aqua Matrix as root protection gel is extremely efficient.100 litres of dipping solution or 1 kg of Aqua Matrix is enough for approximately 800 ornamental shrubs or 1000 forest tree seedlings.




100g of Aqua Matrix powder is stirred into 10 -20 l water. Make sure the Aqua Matrix is slowly poured into the water and that the water is moving.Let the solution stand for at least 20min. Adjust the slurry to the thickness that best adheres to the roots. Dip or spray roots in the gel either singly or in bunches. Plant out into the soil in the usual way.