How much water ca I save?
Up to 50% depending on conditions and therefore nutrients are retained in the soil for longer.

How long does Aqua Matrix last in the soil?
• The product retains its ability to expand and contract for up
to 200 cycles and is therefore an effective water management medium.
• 95% of water is available to the plant.

How much protection is affored the plant?
• Mortality during transplant was reduced by more than 80%.
• Root zone is cushioned by the gel an offers readily availabale
H2O and nutrients as and when needed.
• Follow-up watering can be reduced or delayed.
• Wilting point extended by more than 100%.

Is Aqua Matrix environmentally compartible and safe?
The product is non-toxic and environmentally safe and does not contaminate plants, soil or ground water. With an essentially neutral pH, Aqua Matrix breaks down into its component parts of CO2, water, potassium and nitrogen with no residual toxicity. However, the product should be kept out of reach of children.