Horticultural substrates with Aqua Matrix Extend the market life of container Plants.
Most bedding plants are grown in containers that make them very susceptible to water stress. The problem is compounded by retail market place conditions where watering frequency is often a function of managerial convenience rather than plant demand. Aqua Matrix is commercially used as amendment to modify the water status of growth media. Beneficial effects of Aqua Matrix are increased water–holding capacity, improved aeration and drainage, better root development, extended shelf-life of container grown plants, reduced watering requirements, improved top growth and flowering. Avoidance of water stress and protection against possible plant injury is of significant value to growers and retailers.




Applied as dry granules.
Mix the dry Aqua Matrix with
the growing media. The first
irrigation must be very
intensive to saturate the
polymer granules with water.
The soil volume will increase
due to expansion of
Aqua Matrix.

Applied as pre-wetted gel
Prehydrate Aqua Matrix
medium and mix it
homogenously with the
growing media: Fill 100 litres
of water into a drum, add 2 kg
of Aqua Matrix, stir the solution
| for 30 minutes And let it settle
for 15 minutes. The water
reservoir is already activated.
Irrigation can be reduced
immediately. No changes in
soil volume. Pre-hydration of
Aqua matrix can also be
carried out in a fertilizer


per cubic metre