Aqua Matrix has developed a range of products that are a fusion of potassium-based super absorbent polymer and slow release nutrients. Super absorbent polymers (similar in action to material, which is sodium based, in a disposable nappy) are becoming increasingly popular in agriculture, and Aqua Matrix effected a mechanical fusion of polymer with specialized fertilizer and other nutrients. The range of Aqua Matrix products are designed to store water and nutrients for slow release on demand.

This innovation allows for large quantities of water and nutrients to be readily available for uptake by the root system of a developing plant. It is particularly useful during times of stress, like in drought, or in the critical period following planting. Aqua Matrix provides a “kick start” to the plant that promotes strong growth and drastically reduces plant mortality.

Water requirements of plants vary throughout the growing season. A consistent, readily available source of water and nutrients is essential for proper plant growth. The product acts as a water and nutrient resevoir which is available to your plants on demand, reducing plant shock and the effects of drought.