Aqua Matrix improves transplant survival
Insufficient water and nutrition are major variables limiting growth and survival during the establishment of commercial plantations. Aqua Matrix is used in forestry plantations to increase the survival ratings of newly transplanted seedlings. The water volumes used at planting are significantly reduced without negatively affecting current silvicultural standards. By applying Aqua Matrix the planting season can be extended to include the dry months, previously unattainable due to risk of unacceptably high mortality. Planting costs are reduced.



Applied as dry granules
Mix Aqua Matrix throughout the
planting hole. Plant in the usual
way. Irrigate directly after
planting to saturate the planting
medium with water.

Applied as pre-wetted gel
Put 200 litres of water into
drum. Add 2 Kg of Aqua Matrix.
Allow to swell for 30 Minutes.

For planting method see
demonstration on the
Aqua Matrix DVD.

Aqua Matrix Clear in Forestry

The dosage rate for Aqua
Matrix Clear in forestry
applications is 50% of the rate
applicable to Aqua Matrix
Forestry and Aqua Matrix


10g per seeding

400-600 ml of slurry
per seeding