Soil injection of Aqua Matrix enhances the productivity of established trees.
The turbo-lance-injector emplows a new patented technology that allows granular material to be injected into the root zone of established trees. The injector pulses by means of high air pressure to inject Aqua Matrix into the soil with precisely targeted depth ranging from 20 -120cm. The injector gently penetrates hard soils without damaging the root placing. Aqua Matrix is in direct contact with the roots. Due to more water and nutrient supply the root growth is enhanced resulting in higher productivity of the tree and improved quality of fruits. By creating a network of fissures and capillaries in the soil, infiltration of air, nutrients, and water is improved. At the same time surface compaction is reduced. The frequency of irrigation is extended. 30 - 60% if irrigation water is saved.




100g of Aqua Matrix powder is stirred into 10 -20 l water. Make sure the Aqua Matrix is slowly poured into the water and that the water is moving.Let the solution stand for at least 20min. Adjust the slurry to the thickness that best adheres to the roots. Dip or spray roots in the gel either singly or in bunches. Plant out into the soil in the usual way.