Aqua Matrix promotes quality and Yield of agricultural crops.
Under dry climatic conditions crop yields are limited by poor stand establishmenrts and low plant density.This is especially true in sandy soils, since the loss of water and nutrients through deep percolation below the root zone is a frequently occurring problem.Management of soil water movement by applying Aqua Matrix leads to significant influences in the soil matrix as well as soil water potential.The subsequent swelling of the gel particles results in a linear increase in the water-holding pores in the treated soil.The ability of Aqua Matrix to absorb water increases the soil moisture potential and, thus, restricts water loss by evaporation and deep-water percolation. increasing soil moisture content to a certain limit is known to promote seed germination, seedling population, plant growth and development, nutrient uptake and crop yield.

Customised added nutrition, based on soil type, nutritional demands of plant type and climate regime will promote higher quality yields and savings on water and fertilizer. Dosage rates will be specific to the customized product.



Broadcast application
Scatter the Aqua Matrix
by hand or with a fertilizer
spreader before sowing or
planting. Plough up the soil.
Working-in depth: 15 cm
Dosage rate: 80-100 kg
per hectare

Furrow application
Place the dry granules
together with fertilizer in
the seed/plant furrow
(dosing device: Gandy-Box)



40kg per hectare